The ultralight super rigid aero racing frame.


Weighing in at 740gm, the Gramlight is one of the most feather-light frames on the planet. Its sport pro geometry is engineered for the long race and the final sprint.

To maintain our chassis stiffness while decreasing weight, we relied on superior carbon technology. Our material of choice is Torayca 1200, a unidirectional carbon fiber produced by the Toray company. Based in Japan, Toray has developed carbon solutions for bicycles since the 1980’s. For our bikes, at Fourteen, we chose the world’s highest tensile strength carbon fiber. (hint: It’s the same grade used to build aerospace vessels). Our frame is 1200 on Toray’s T scale. To compare, poor quality carbon is T700. That means competitors need 4 sheets of carbon fiber to equal one of ours. That’s extra weight. At T1200, the molecules in the fiber are more tightly compressed, leading to a more conducive transfer of energy. Real power and more wattage.

To ensure maximum compliance, Gramlight’s design focuses on its special monobox – the triangular-shaped shape at the junction of the top tube, seat tube and seat stay that dampens vibrations. The remainder of the geometry follows suit, distributing stress evenly across the frame.

An experience of unadulterated speed and surgical handling that rewards the assertive rider. It’s one slippery bike. 

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