At Fourteen, we believe in technology + HUMANITY. That means we collaborate with painters and designers to invent real works of art. Each paint scheme is limited edition and designed uniquely for us. You’re going to stand out with a one-of-a-kind frame.

But we’re not just making extraordinary bikes, we’re building a creative community. That’s why we founded The Enemies of Ordinary – a collaborative network of videographers, artists, photographers, illustrators, and cyclists across the globe. Together, we inspire daring artwork around a simple idea: How can cycling, freedom and art change the way we live our lives?

Chris Willmore

Chris Willmore was raised in the Bay Area and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. He got his start with photography and image making at an early age and now spends his time working as a Director of Photography on various mediums ranging from documentaries to music videos, as well as shooting stills every day. 

Sarah Richards

Designer Sarah Richards was born and raised in Manhattan. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on apparel and textile design. In 2012, she founded the brand Richards NYC, offering contemporary staples for men and women.

Victor Ferier

Victor Ferier is a french multimedia artist. In the course over his studies in Switzerland and the U.S and after a year working in a creative studio in London for fashion brands, he now works freelance. He aims to create fresh and new images using new tools to deliver digital excellence.