At Fourteen, we are a humanistic brand AND a superior technology company. We engage with cutting-edge design and rigorously test the results. Premium bike frames are super stiff, super absorbing and evenly distribute stress – all while losing weight. We use PAN-based carbon fiber for our bikes, making our frames ultralight and exceptionally rigid. Riders demand this performance for races. If the bike isn’t stiff enough, it will flex. Flexing causes a loss of power, or wattage. The stiffer the frame, the more efficient the energy transfer from rider to bike to ground. This means faster speed and acceleration. But comfort is key too. Finding ways to soften vibrations from the road diminishes fatigue.

Our design studio in San Francisco knows the process well. Senior designers have been engineering race-ready bikes for over 10 years, seeking the optimal weight to stiffness to comfort ratio. Geometric simplicity and aerodynamic common sense dictate design, but we also incorporate data-driven analysis to keep innovating. Our frames are monocoque. The shell bears most of the stress and distributes the impact across a wider portion of the frame.

Utilizing the industry’s most advanced computer-aided design systems and testing, we evaluate the composition of every angle and tube thickness. The software, known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimizes our frame.

But FEA isn’t magic. It requires an artistry to create the perfect blend of strength, stiffness and weight.  The unidirectional carbon fiber must be “layered up” by hand, placing sheets of carbon on top of each other in the correct sequence. This is where experience matters most. That’s why our frames are crafted by experts in Taichung, Taiwan, the heart of carbon technology manufacturing for the last 20 years. It’s where Boeing and Airbus source their carbon fiber.

Product Philosophy


Champion rider individuality

Our designs inspire freedom and expression


Engineer and manufacture with experts

Industry leaders around the world handle every stage of the process


Seek premiere performance technology in the simplest form

It’s elemental. We seek perfect geometry