The rapid all-around SLR that’s up for the fight.


Winning a race isn’t just about being the fastest. It’s about battling the odds. It’s you versus everything. How do you adjust to the conditions around you – to the air in your face and the pavement beneath your wheels? How do you outwit the competition? How do you maximize your effort? You don’t race to get along. When you race, you race to stand out.

We designed Versus for the sportive rider seeking speed. Constructed out of svelte TeXtreme® carbon with simple angular lines, Versus is made from the exact same material used in Formula One cars. The light frame weight encourages you to get out of the saddle and dance on the pedals in attack. Firmness comes to the fore with a responsive ride that emphasizes speed and connection to the pavement. It’s a swift and balanced bike for all day riding.

Stand for something. Stand against ordinary.

“This frame is made to dash”

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